The Art of Fulfilment Workshop

Integrating Spirituality, Purpose, Trauma Work, Abundance and Connection into One powerful Approach to life.

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The blocks to living your best life...



Also Fear


Fear is the only thing that stops us, we just dress it up in a bunch of different ways.


Any problem = fear in drag.


You want it all...

  • Massive financial abundance
  • A purpose-driven business
  • A soulmate growth-partnership
  • Amazing health and energy
  • Deep inner peace
  • A soul-led life of adventure
  • Unbreakable self-worth
  • The most fulfilled life ever!

It's not coming together though...

When you work on your mental health and inner peace, the business slows...

You're doing the healing work, but that ain't bringing the finances...

When you work hard in that job that doesn't inspire you, your soul suffers...

Despite the fact you are doing your best to lean in, the dots aren't connecting…

I used every ounce of energy to build a $10M purpose-filled business BUT was lonely, unfulfilled and exhausted!

I then fully surrendered, meditated, tripped, received and enjoyed life BUT lacked purpose, finances and success!

I had spent $750,000+ on personal and spiritual development BUT was confused on how the success, mental, emotional and spiritual principles worked together!

3 Years ago when I was journalling God spoke to me and gave me a straight download for a solution...

A way of approaching life that 'INTEGRATES' all of the PD, healing, spiritual and success categories of growth.

What is the obvious and unspoken roadblock to every single area of our life?


Fear blocks action taking in business
Fear causes us to play it safe
Fear creates all trauma to avoid danger
Fear keeps us distracted from spirit
Fear has us playing small and hiding
Fear chooses security over our true purpose
Fear blocks full authentic expression…

In this 3-day immersive workshop you'll be learning how to tackle fear, by mastering courage.

This is NOT a hype train event. It's a deeply integrated approach to living a purpose-fuelled life of true fulfillment.

You'll be learning a methodology that incorporates the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of life.

The Cor Method was built in context of my experience with the following modalities:

Inner Child Work

Somatic Release Work

Trauma Work

Parts Work

Internal Family Systems

Family Constellation Therapy

NLP/Timeline Therapy

Wealth Creation

Transcendence Meditation

Transformational Breathwork

Emotional Release Work

Childhood Development Therapy

Non-Violent Communication

Vedic/Yogic Wisdom

Courage Practises

Dating Coaching

Nervous System Re-engineering

Masuline/Feminine Dynamics

Holistic Health Coaching

Tantric Philosophy/Practises

Mother/Father Wound Healing

High-Performance Rituals

Intuitive Coaching

Rapid Growth Business Coaching

Hear what past students have to say:

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"I've invested over 100k in my personal development and this is like nothing I've ever experienced... it blew my mind."

- Kathryn Kassab

"A lot of the challenges and activities have been life changing... It was the most powerful thing I've ever done."

- Bronson Interlandi

"I can hold myself in a new way and navigate my life and fear in a new way... it's super empowering."

- Kathryn Grace

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"It's been incredibly powerful... it's helped me redefine the trajectory of my life. Ryan actually really cares about each individual and spends time with everyone."

- Shyam Chandak

"It was above what I was expecting, emotionally, physically and professionally..."

- Len Isakov

"I felt really safe... I've learnt to be courageous and lean into my heart... I've been able to feel emotions that I've never felt before"

- Chucky Puvan



3rd - 5th May 2024


Friday: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 7am - 7pm
Sunday: 7am - 7pm


Vine & Branches Personal Growth Centre Inc. (20-mins from Melbourne CBD)





On this first day I’ll be teaching the containment of the entire personal development landscape into one body of theory. This is The Cor Method.

What is the purpose of life? You’ll be learning how spirituality, material success, confidence, peace, adventure, life/death all integrate into one simple perspective.





Today you’ll be learning an innovative approach to navigating each day for maximum Growth and Fulfilment called the Cor Compass.

You’ll be putting Courage to practice and doing deep healing work necessary to connect with the fears that are blocking your power.

You’ll also be learning to unlock your intuitive powers.





We’ll then be moving into what life looks like living freely from the Heart. How do your goals, dreams and desires look without fear?

You’ll be learning some unique processes for how to process fear and also for how to actualise your most meaningful purpose in life.

The final day will also be a lighter day to start the integration process.

3-Day Workshop




More Testimonials:

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"Before the workshop I was coming from a place of fear and didn’t know how to deal with what was coming next… the workshop was so much more than I expected…"

- Ty Nguyen

"It was such a powerful couple of days to really dive deep into a lot of incredible wisdom... I've been equipped with some really powerful tools."

- Patrick McDonald

"All the information was so easily digestible and articulate… it was breakthrough, after breakthrough... At one point I was like how good can this get."

- Kylie Bee

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Video Poster Image

"One of the most profound personal development weekends... The workshop has absolutely blown my mind."

- Zaharoula Harris

"The most profound, heart opening and integrated work I have done is through Ryan's teachings, especially his Cor Method"

- Nichole Hamilton

More Positive Feedback:

Claire Stade

The heart of The Art Of Courage Workshop was being shown to us through understanding and learning The Cor Method. In a nutshell, fulfillment versus fear. It was really wonderful that after years of delving into self development and spiritual practices he came to a place where it was time for him to create his method.

The weekend was a jam packed, very expansive, full, emotional beautiful, connecting weekend with many beautiful souls. Ryan took us through embodiment practices meditations shaking and he actually showed us and stepped us through many different facets of the intellect mind and the heart. 

So I highly, highly recommend Ryan with him offering the art of courage workshop weekend. It's life changing and it will help you to re orientate and anchor back into your heart to step forward into living a fulfilling life.

If you choose to master any skill, let it be courage. With courage, you can be, do and have everything that your heart desires.

Some words from me:

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