My entire journey broken down into 7 key stages with 7 massive distinctions


From Pain, to Proving, to Profit, to Paradise, to Passion: 

1. Troubled Childhood


I grew up in a drug abusive household with 2 loving but deeply troubled parents. To summarise, I grew up terrified of the world. I was super shy and cried on the way to school everyday. 

My strategy to get my parent’s love was to achieve and be a good boy. My confidence conditionally grew until my Mum left my family and my entire world fell apart at 13.

“The way you were parented has influenced all of your entire personality. Until you understand this; you are completely owned by these invisible drivers. It’s impossible to build freedom without this awareness.”

2. Teenage Years

Both parents were suicidal so my Mum had no choice but to leave, but those 4 years after she left were the hardest of my life. Home life was a living nightmare.

My confidence at school as a consequence was zero, I hid from the world, was bullied, started doing stupid shit to fit in and couldn’t talk to girls at all.

“Childhood trauma (which is not always obvious), is your biggest block to developing self-worth and confidence. Until that trauma is healed; your mind will continue to tell you you’re unsafe and without a feeling of safety it’s impossible to feel confidence.”

3. Rock Bottom Redemption

A miracle had a guardian angel (called David) introduce me to Tony Robbins at 16 years old. This led me to study hard, eat healthy and start dreaming big in life.

Leaving school with a chip on my shoulder I decided to tackle every single fear I had. I moved states, did a male strip show, learnt to public speak, did door-to-door, cold-called my way to my first 6 figure business, learnt to talk to girls and launched several businesses by 21.

“Everything you desire in your heart lives on the other side of fear.”


4. The 8 Figure Rise

At 21, I spent the next 5 years building Australia’s largest business helping life coaches get clients.

I learnt everything there was to know about building and running a successful multi-million dollar business; from marketing, to sales, product delivery, operations and finance. 

Not only did I need to master it for my business and our 25-person team, but I also taught these skills to all of our clients.

We worked with over 1,000 premium clients, ran retreats around the world, had a world-class culture, made over $10 Million and changed the landscape of coaching in Australia.

“After witnessing 100s of my business clients succeed and 100s fail, it’s clear to me that building a million dollar business is 99% about mindset and action and 1% about skills. 

When you develop a powerful mindset, you take action and when you take action, you get results and when you get results, you engrain skills.

So it all comes back to mindset.”

5. The Breakdown To Breakthrough

After growing too fast karmically led an executive to steal and cause close to $1M in damages, I found myself managing 25 staff solo with $1M business debt, almost overnight.

After making some huge changes to turn our business profitable again, the signs were too clear to avoid, I knew I had to shut the business down and go on a journey of self-discovery;

This was the most courageous decision of my life.

After 1000s of hours of stillness and meditation, 100s of hours of coaching and healing, I recovered from Adrenal fatigue, became the healthiest I’d ever been, learnt to be still, learnt to love myself, learnt to feel emotion, learnt how to be an amazing partner and found my true self.

“Fulfillment is the real game of life and most entrepreneurs lose at this game because they are too scared of losing their only source of love; achievement.”

6. Rising Up

A couple of years after exiting my high-growth business to remove the opportunity for external validation, I felt the call to bring self love back into business.

Trying to integrate back into the world of business, money and hard work felt incredibly difficult. I noticed the fear of burnout, of losing my ability to enjoy life and also how quick I was to judge my ego.

The most humbling and powerful decision I made at this point was to focus on becoming a master coach, instead of racing back to building a 7 or 8 figure business. I practiced for 100s and 100s of hours; learning over 10 new coaching modalities, becoming a meditation teacher and breathwork facilitator.

“Business is not an enemy of fulfillment, it’s a crucial ingredient.

Fulfillment comes from a combination of stillness, health, scary aligned action, working hard on your purpose, deep innerwork embracing connection and learning to enjoy life.

The real key to winning this game is finding the blindspots and learning how to tie all of those fulfilment factors together.”

7. The Future Is Limitless

I’m really living the life of my dreams right now; enjoying connection, health, community, rapid business growth, saving and investing more money than ever before, all with a deep sense of sacredness for life.

I’m on my path of growing my impact and purpose in the world. My mission to support as many people as possible to live their most purposeful and fulfilling lives possible. 

I feel so grateful that I embody the belief that I truly can do anything that my heart desires. 

“When you learn the magic principles behind what truly creates fulfilment in life. You'll feel deeply enriched in every area of life and you'll embody that fulfilment immediately."