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Make Magic Happen! (1-Day Event)

Make Magic Happen - Pink Banner

Breakthrough Your Shit, Unleash Unstoppable Confidence & Bring Your Dream To Life!

If this event catches you’re attention, it means you are like me…

You know that there is something more to life than the standard school > study > job > house > marriage > kids > retire > die.

Out of all your friends and family, you are seen as that person who doesn’t fit the mould.

Some people think you are crazy…
Some people try and pull you down…
Some people look up to you the most…

The problem is that you and I both know that you’re capable of so much more…

Even though you are a baller and into business, personal development and spirituality (maybe all 3), you just can’t get them working together! Something’s missing!

You’ve done so much work and still haven’t figured out the missing piece to that big breakthrough moment...

Sometimes you make massive progress and feel on top of the world and sometimes all you want to do is watch Netflix and bury your head in the sand 😭

The good news is that you 100% can have it all.

You have what it takes! 🔥

From dream-seeker to dream-seeker, I’m telling you that what you are searching for absolutely can be brought to life.

I’ll help you do it too, for $1.

Here’s why you should believe me (Brag time 🤩):

- I’m an international best-selling author
- I’ve built a social influence of over 100,000 people
- I grew a 25-person company from scratch
- I’ve donated over $100,000 to charity
- I’ve attracted my soul-mate
- I live my dream life travelling the world doing what I love

I broke free of the shackles of anxiety and depression as a teenager and through a series of fear challenges made my first 6 figures in business by 19 years old, made my first 7 figures by 22 years old and made my first 8 figures by 26 years old.

I kicked the whole success thing in the ass 💸✈️🏝🚗🏡

Had the supercar, the 4-story designer pad, travelling the world 5-star etc. etc.

Even though I was materially wealthy 💸 I was spiritually broke ❌

Following the advice of my soulmate, Dani, I started meditating and dove down the rabbit hole of spirituality.

I finally gave myself permission to experience joy in life 🎉

I fostered a state of presence and grace that I had never experienced before.

But, as I started to dissolve my immature ambition that came from trying to prove myself to the world...

I found myself on the other extreme, a woowoo spiritual gangster who floated around like a fairy and got nothing done 🔮


Through embracing the extremes of material success and spiritual connection to this complex and incredible thing we call life…

I’ve developed a powerfully integrated set of principles for how you can have it all…

Physical, emotional and spiritual mastery!

This is the ticket. This is your ticket. Your $1 ticket 😂

It’s time to:

1. Breakthrough your shit
2. Unleash unstoppable confidence
3. Live your dreams

⚠️Pre-warning though⚠️

This event isn’t for the faint hearted.

It’s a no BS. Direct. Action taking. Experience.

I’m deadly serious 🚨

There’s a lot in life that I struggle with.

Calling out the truth and calling people forward is not one of them.

If you attend this event, you will be naked (no literally) (but you never know) and unable to hide.

You will be called forward and called up to your best self.

Your dreams will be extracted and made clear.


You then have to have the courage to step forward into your dream life.

That could mean:

- Moving overseas
- Launching your first album
- Telling that person how you really feel
- Hiring your first staff member
- Making your first sales call

You have no idea what this event will unlock and you need to be prepared for that!

If you’re ready to Make Magic Happen.

Put aside the ENTIRE SATURDAY the 26th October.

I see you. I’ve got you. I know what you’re capable of.

Buy a $1 ticket and let’s do this!